Mer Global Logistics

Mer Global Logistics has a large spectrum of services including door to door transportation and storage.It renders delivery services inland and abroad almost in every area.

Distribution and Storage

Our company, being in the industry for long years, has been professional in logistics (storage, distribution, handling).

Some main activities are;

  • Services on storage of bulk and containerized loads
  • Stuffing and unstuffing the container.
  • Packaging and handling.
  • Partial storage and carriage services.
  • Providing vehicles across f inal destination.
  • Refrigerated storage and transport.

International and Domestic Transportation

Seaway and Multimodel Transportation

Not only with the lines which Mer Shipping is acting as a Shipping agent but also with many other shipping lines our company has always been under your service for bulk and containerized cargoes, with the most reasonable and economical quotes.

Road and Rail Transportation

We are providing domestic or international transportation services for the cargos with the container, on pallets, liquid,bulk or project cargos.

Airway Transportation

Your airway cargoes are transported economically and safely with the leading airways all around the world. We provide service with our professional teams at departure and arrival points.