With establishment of Mer Shipping in 2001, our group started the business of international and domestic transportation. Mer Shipping has expanded the spectrum of services with door to door delivery and combined services on land, marine and railroad transportations. In the same year our group became a member of the Chamber of Shipping Commerce and the Maritime Association of Shipowners and Agents. Hence, company started the business in marine industry and extended the boundaries to vessel agency, vessels chartering, vessel supplies and the repairs. Mer Shipping has obtained a certificate of agency and a certificate of efficiency for its employees.

The target of our group is to give services in logistics along with providing transportation to its clients as a solution partner. Our differences lie on client-focused work, ability to involve in and solve the problems, if any, in a shortest time available during projects and operations, hence, render full customer satisfaction. Our company has representatives almost in every country due to the fact that we are the agent of many leading international transport undertakers and shipowners. Because of this large network, we are able to easily prepare customs documentation and provide warehousing / dispatching in addition to transportation services. Therefore, we have wide experiences on transportation of transit cargoes via Turkey.

Due to other logistics services in different ways in our group companies we have such a structure that we are able to meet the demands of many other industries. Following Mer Shipping, SM Transportation has been established and is focused on container transportation, land transportation, dispatching and excavation. SM Transportation has been providing land transportation and warehousing services to her clients with its own trailers, trucks, excavation machineries and forklifts over 5000 m2 open and closed warehouse and parking lots in Turkey. In 2007 the group has obtained R1 certificate in compliance with the new Land Roads Regulations. In the same year the personnel in the company have been equipped with required certificates and been trained and brought up to the sufficient and efficient levels as per the Land Roads Procedures.

In the following years there aroused a necessity in the group for a company to work as a forwarder and undertaker solution partner. Hence, Mer Global has been established. Along with providing all kinds of transportation around the globe, Mer Global supplies machinery and workforce as well. Our company has a wide range of services from loading trucks to packaging and palletizing at the factory sites. The group, being a member of the worldwide logistics chain, enables Mer Global to render trustable, economical, fast and quality services.

In 2011, Mer Group has also been awarded an exclusive agency status to represent in Turkey both ports and vessels of a Russian Federation supported Holding ‘’Azov Shipping Company’’ with 43 affiliate companies. In 2012, container cargo lines have been launched and Mer Group has been assigned as Turkey agent.

Our group will continue their services and investments in the directions of our clients’ demands.